Private Trade Winds was born in February 2007, when founder Irene Aviles combined her knowledge as a luxury vacation homeowner, with her experience and interest in world travel.

ptw antigua villa 

Irene started by networking a private group of individuals together who enjoyed trading and renting their luxury asset(s) to a select group of people. Today, a growing part of their portfolio also adds developer and resort properties around the world.

"We're first of all a luxury villa supplier and over 400 villas have subscribed to our way of doing things." said Irene. "We combine this with a private travel service, plus our guests receive all the service and amenities one would find in a 5-Star Resort."

Membership or Individual Rentals

Private Trade Winds does offer individual rentals for their villas, but for frequent travelers – those taking more than two villa vacations – they also offer membership travel plans.

Their "Premier Travel Plan" gives members access to reduced costs and provides additional travel and planning services - just like a destination club. The $2,995 annual membership fee gives discounts of 20-50% off the nightly villa rates. "We have planned birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more" noted Irene. "Our members have year round access to our travel advisors, for both villa vacations and any other trips they may take during the year."

A second plan for luxury vacation homeowners means they can take advantage Private Trade Winds rental, trade and travel program. Again the cost is $2,995 per year and brings the same sort of travel planning and services as the Premier Travel Plan.

The Villas

"We offer stringently vetted villa product to discerning travelers" said Irene "In order for a villa to be certified branded as a Private Trade Winds Villa it has to have daily housekeeping, chef, babysitting, and concierge." she continued.
"We were thrilled when we won the award for Outstanding Vacation Rental from Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate," added Irene when covering their 2012 award.

Private Trade Winds destinations include Aspen, Vail, Hawaii, New York, Scottsdale, The Hamptons, Anguilla, St Barts, St Lucia, Tuscany, Lake Como and Provence amongst many others. They vary from large, spacious 9 bedroom country villas to 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in the city.

"We expect our guests to receive all the service and amenities one would find in a 5-Star Resort," said Irene "and we offer hotel type amenities such as spa robes, high-end bath amenities, coffee, bottled water, and other logo branded items to make every guest feel the splendor of luxury hospitality."

The Villa Market

When Private Trade Winds conducted a survey a couple of years ago they found some interesting results about the villa rental market. The survey was conducted by the Harrison Group amongst a network of upscale consumers.

  1. Enthusiasm for the notion of a villa vacation is widespread. Fully 85% agree: "I like the idea of vacationing in a private vacation home, such as a villa or luxury condo."
  2. Among those taking villa vacations, satisfaction levels were extremely high – 97% described themselves as "very satisfied" or "satisfied". Roughly two-thirds describe their recent villa vacations as more enjoyable than their recent hotel vacations.
  3. Villa vacations are typically...
  • a social experience. They are typically taken with family (54%), friends (21%), or a combination of both (25%).
  • near the water. Over 60% of villa vacations are taken at beach destinations. Conversely, of course, about 40% are not taken at the beach, including those taken at urban, mountain, and other locations. Besides spending time at the beach, common activities while on a villa vacation include water sports (33%), spa sessions (31%), museum visits (28%), golf (27%), hiking (25%), boating/sailing (21%), and skiing (5%).
  • not in Italy. When asked what associations they have with the word villa, many travelers stated that Italy immediately comes to mind. Although Italy was the birthplace of the villa during the Roman Empire, and it has many fine modern villas as well, but only about one-in-ten villa vacations are in Italy.

"Villa travel has always been a passion of mine, and I'm eager to share what I've learned since launching Private Trade Winds" said Irene.

As we completed the conversation Irene mentioned she was due to go to South East Asia, visiting various countries to look at adding more villas in that part of the world.

"My wish for both luxury vacation homeowners and discerning travelers is to enjoy every vacation to the fullest and allow us to help you achieve that goal!" concluded Irene.