Information on luxury yacht charters and yacht ownership, including fractional ownership. If you are starting out or are looking for a refresher then read the overview on chartering luxury yachts.

Aircraft and vacation properties aren't the only aspects of high end travel on which you can save money by going the fractional ownership route. With SmartYacht, you can enjoy a taste of adventure on the “high seas” without the cost, management, or other hassles involved in full yacht ownership.

Signature Yacht Shares began offering fractional ownership of yachts in 2007 and is affiliated with the award-wining yacht dealer Galati Yacht Sales, based out of Destin, Florida.

ViaMari, a yachting destination club has partnered with SeaNet Fractional Yachts. The alignment immediately gives ViaMari club members access to SeaNet vessels and its growing fleet of Sunseeker Yachts.  

SeaNet Fractional Yachts, the largest single branded fractional yacht company in the United States, is expanding their fractional Sunseeker Yacht fleet to Northern California with the introduction of a new 2009 Sunseeker 60' Manhattan.

"Fractional ownership allows sailors to share costs as downturn bites" says the Independent newspaper, in an article on the keys trends at the 55th London Boat Show.

Nothing compares to owning a private yacht. But the cost of keeping up the ship's maintenance and crew can greatly outweigh the enjoyment owners get from the limited time they spend on the water. That's why YachtPlus, the London-based fractional ownership super-yacht company, has commissioned ten new Signature Series vessels, designed by the renowned architect Lord Norman Foster.

There's a new trend in the boating industry. Yacht owners want to fractionalize their boats to cushion costs. Sherpareport spoke with Dr. Loren Simkowitz, Director of Operations at Monocle Fractional Yachts, to get the bigger picture.

Fractional yacht ownership is a sensible and more affordable alternative to buying your dream yacht. Exotic locations with convenient transportation, flexible usage plans and managed maintenance mean you can enjoy all the advantages of yacht ownership without all the responsibilities. Eusamarine is testing the waters of fractional yacht ownership with its Global Superyacht Club and is poised to become one of the ultimate luxury yachting opportunities for vacationers.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Capella at Pedregal and mentioned the yachts that are available to members of this exclusive community at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. This is a unique combination of residence club and yacht fractional ownership.