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Benefits of Subscribing

  • Side by side comparisons of the leading fractional programs in North America. Compare all the main features.
  • Side by side comparisons of the leading membership and jet card programs in North America.
  • A directory of the leading charter operators in North America, including independent ratings.
  • The SherpaReport Guide to Private Aviation walks through the different products and their pros and cons. It's designed to bring you up to speed on the types of products in private aviation.
  • Bonus, Trip Spreadsheet: A simple sheet for doing flight planning, or building up your history of flights.
  • Personal communication with our President, Nick Copley.
  • Your privacy is protected.
  • Save time. You will save hours and hours of time. We've done all the research for you.
  • Learn about all the key program features including aircraft, pricing, safety, response times and much more, so you can make side by side comparisons.
  • Find the charter operators that are highly rated and closest to you
  • Whether you're brand new to private aviation or you're an experienced user, the information will help you make the right decision, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Get contact information for the leading charter operators, jet card and fractional providers.
  • Get member only access to all the comparisons, guide and research above. Leverage our many years of private aviation experience.
  • Overall become a smarter buyer.

Find the Best Private Aviation Solutions.

Whether you're looking for side-by-side comparisons on jet cards and fractional programs,
or more general background information, here's everything in one place.


SherpaReport Membership Subscription

Please fill in the form below to join SherpaReport and access the member only content, including jet card and fractional jet comparisons. You'll be better informed and make improved decisions about all your private aviation options. 

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Free Starter Option

If you are not ready to subscribe, to access all the comparisons, just get the free Guide to Private Aviation. The free Guide will give you a really good overview of private aviation options including charter, jet cards and fractional programs, with the pros and cons of different types of programs. It includes profiles of some of the leading providers. It's now in it's 10th year of publication. If you're not ready to start detailed side-by-side comparisons to choose the right provider, then start with the free guide. You'll get the overview and summary profiles. You can come back later for the detailed comparisons of the leading jet card and fractional providers in North America, plus a directory of the leading certified charter operators.

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