Pamela and I joined Quintess in hopes of traveling to great destinations and experiencing one-of-a-kind vacations. Quintess has certainly afforded us that. Being Members of the Club has given us extra incentive to vacation every year, and over the years, we've taken amazing trips that we never would have otherwise. Best of all, we've come away with priceless family memories from each and every journey.

The Stang Family, Villa Tavernaccia, Tuscany

As we expected, the lower target occupancy rate of Quintess (as compared to other clubs we looked into) has allowed us to travel during school breaks and summer periods in line with our children's schedules. The most wonderful surprise of Quintess membership has been the invaluable assistance we receive from the local Host at every destination. We can't begin to describe how much they have done for us to organize, arrange and make our trips truly special. We can't wait for our next "only in Quintess" experience.

Our first summer we visited the Villa Tavernaccia home in Italy. The home, settled on acres of beautiful vineyards and surrounded by endless vistas of quaint Tuscan countryside, was more than we could have imagined. When the Host at Villa Tavernaccia arranged a famous local chef to close his restaurant one evening and come cook with us, we knew we had found a truly exceptional club. Through the years, we've enjoyed long weekends in California Wine Country, New Year's Eve week in Deer Valley, spring ski trips to Aspen, excursions to Paris and London, spring break in Canouan and a summer vacation in Hawaii. Although we hardly ever visit the same place twice, the one thing that never changes is the service and quality. The homes are always top-notch and every Host goes above and beyond every time. I know that our first Quintess Beyond trip to Provence, France in 2013 will go down in family history as yet another treasured travel experience.

The Stang Family in Aspen

The Stang family are members of The Quintess Collection.