Graham Pierce, Managing Partner of Beacon Point Advisors, shares thoughts on his investment with Equity Residences. In this video he discusses using the sizable properties for family travel and the expanded vacation experience with Elite Alliance. He also discusses the attractiveness of the investment to maximize return on investment, diversify your portfolio, and the attractiveness of not paying high annual fees.

Some of his points include:

"We liked it for a few reasons, it allows the firms partners, options for family travel. Travel that we can bring not just family but friends as well. The properties are sizable enough to be able to do that."

"Their investment process too we found thoughtful. Most of the luxury home primary residence, a lot of that has really rallied and comeback, but the luxury home market for secondary homes, vacation homes, there's still a lot of opportunity there, and they have been thoughtful about it by both identifying properties in locations that kind of expand the vacation experience and at the same time focus on what's really more important to us, is maximizing the return on investment."

"I'd say, what I'm most looking forward to with respect to the properties, and the investment, is actually a property that my twin brother is going to in Hawaii. It's actually on the North Shore of Maui, Kapalua and him being a big surfer and big golfer, and the swells being big on the north shore at this time in December, he's going there for his honeymoon and we're excited about being able to give that to him."