Located on the crescent on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the new Fairmont Heritage Place Private Residence Club, will have 50 luxury duplex apartments with sea views.

This unique man-made island, in the shape of a palm tree, consists of a trunk, a crown with 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms a water-breaker. The club is located in the Kingdom of Sheba, a brand new resort covering 141,500 sq. metres on the crescent in Dubai.

Many of the private residence club apartments have private terrace pools. Owners will also have access to a private clubhouse, swimming pools and private beach access. Members can also trade their time with other Fairmont Heritage Place properties or Fairmont hotels worldwide. The project is due for completion in 2010.

Overall The Palm is one of the most interesting property developments in the world and has attracted a lot of buyers from both Europe and Asia as well as the Middle East.