The chart below lists several Private Residence Clubs. Some of these Clubs have just one location while others offer their members the ability to use other properties than the one that they own. The clubs have destinations throughout the world, so there is pretty well a location for everyone.

 Company Locations Trading
 Four Seasons CO, CA, AZ, Mexico, Costa Rica Yes
 Ritz-Carlton CO, CA, FL, USVI Yes
 Storied Places CA, CO, FL, BC, QC Yes
 St Regis CO, NY Yes
 Fairmont Heritage Place CO, CA, Mexico, Bermuda Yes
 The Island Residences Club Bali, Australia Yes
 Calistoga Ranch CA Ltd
 Palazzo Tornabuoni Italy No
 Pinnacle Club NJ, Costa Rica Yes
 Private Quarters Club MO, WI, FL No
 The Teton Club WY Yes
 Castello di Casole Italy No
 Timbers Club CO No
 The Rocks Club AZ No

If you're considering a Private Residence Club we also recommend that you look at Destination Clubs. The differences between the two are becoming very blurred as we explain in the article

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