Castiglion Del Bosco

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Description: Castiglion Del Bosco basks in the warm Tuscan sun. The 4,500 acre Private Estate, one of the regions grandest contiguous estate's are steeped in ancient history. Mythical woodlands, meadows and olive groves dot the countryside. Rolling vineyards nurture pure Sangiovese grapes for Italy's highly lauded Brunello wine. While winemaking at Castiglion del Bosco has been a tradition for centuries, until fairly recently, the vineyards were cultivated solely for personal consumption by each family living on the estate.
Castiglion Del Bosco is situated just five miles from the medieval hilltop town of Montalcino within the province of Siena. From main highway in nearby Buonconvento, cross the river Ombrone and the storybook procession begins. Twin rows of tall and stately cypress trees line either side of a rural country lane as it weaves its way over the rises and falls of the verdant valley on either side to the crest of the hill and then into the heart of Castiglion del bosco.
Destination Club Name: Castiglion Del Bosco