PTW Amalfi Coast Villa


Declared one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its undisputed beauty and the uniqueness of its natural landscape, the Amalfi Coast is the land characterized by the combination between mountain and sea, the farmer and the fisherman.

This spectacular property went through a very recent and arduous renovation period after being purchased, in 2006, by its present owner. After a full year of renovation, this property now offers vacationers a small piece of paradise along the Amalfi Coast.

Located in Praiano, the property was owned by a noble Neapolitan Princess, who built the first structure of the villa at the beginning of the 1900's. After being sold to a Chilean consulate, it then changed hands into a pair of famous designers, who owned the property from the 1980's through recent. It was at this time that the villa underwent a conformation to elite destination, hosting many international figures, celebrities and dignitaries alike. The property still enjoys some of the original d├ęcor pieces from ancestors of its first proprietor.

Destination Club Name: Private Trade Winds