Sunset Shores Resort

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Description: Sunset Shores Resort is a new condominium development on the south shore of Lake Cadillac in Cadillac, Michigan. Sunset Shores Resort realized that most of the owners of cottages or cabins did not use them "full time" and that most actually used it once a month or less. Sunset Shores developed ownership options that allow owners to choose how often they want to use the condo and more importantly pay for only the amount of time they want to own.

A lakefront vacation home has held great desire for many Americans, but with the rising cost of lakefront property it is quickly becoming out of the reach of many families. With Sunset Shores’ ownership options we are able to return those costs to an obtainable level. Sunset Shores Resort offers One-Eighth, One-Quarter, and One-Third ownership options with use ranges from six or seven weeks per year up to four months of the year.
1231 Sunnyside Drive