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There’s a special romance to Puerto Vallarta. It’s where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton lived in the fairytale early days of their (first) marriage. Maybe it’s the apricot light during the “gilded hour” on the white stucco houses in town. The Club offers an impressive collection of residences in the private development of Real del Mar, located on Banderas Bay about a half hour from downtown Puerto Vallarta. Fewer than 50 residences will ever be built here. The beach club and other amenities are only available to residents, including Exclusive Resorts members. <br><br> Each of our twenty-one Real del Mar homes is an individually-designed jewel, from the breathtaking expanses of Casa Amanecer to the intimate charm of Casa Caracol. Comfort, luxury and privacy combine to make these homes the perfect spot from which to explore Puerto Vallarta, and sophisticated decor makes the most of the locally-inspired architecture and amazing Banderas Bay views. <br><br> Each of the Real del Mar residences has a unique multi-story floor plan. Residence features include private pools and hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, superb outdoor living areas and great views. <br><br> Average residence size: Four and five bedroom residences with an average of 4,000 – 9,000 interior space and an average of 3,000 square feet of exterior living space

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