Inspirato Frenchman’s Lookout, Tortola


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Perched in a verdant canopy of treetops on one of Tortola's highest points, Frenchman's Lookout is a stunning 10,000 square foot, plantation-style villa with the most awe-inspiring views in the Caribbean. We recommend at least one dinner prepared by a private chef on your garden gazebo - and perhaps several afternoons in one of the deck's numerous hammocks, lounging in the Caribbean breeze.

About Inspirato Club
This luxury destination club offers dozens of multi-million dollar residences to its members, together with providing all the services to make these vacations totally relaxing. Members pay an initial membership fee and annual dues. Potential members may request more information and download the Guide to Destination Clubs below.

Frenchmans Cay
British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands
Destination Club Name: Inspirato