Exclusive Resorts Bovey Castle

Description: A visit to Bovey Castle takes you to an era of cool jazz and sloe gin, sleek elegance enveloped in the luxurious traditions of an English manor house. A world class resort adds the amenities and conveniences of the new century, including a luxury spa, refined cuisine and state-of-the-art, fully wired business center. Our members enjoy Bovey not as hotel guests, but comfortably ensconced in private residences at the foot of the castle, surrounded by the beautifully-kept grounds. And all Bovey’s legendary service and amenities are at your command.

Our eight private stone lodges are tucked into the Bovey Castle grounds, surrounded by the Castle’s parkland gardens and delightful views of the countryside. Newly built to complement the architecture of the manor house, the residences boast cathedral ceilings and generous granite fireplaces. Sleek contemporary décor completes the look, making these traditional lodges utterly at home in the 21st century.

Craftsman-inspired architecture meets polished urban style in these 3-BR lodges. A granite fireplace provides a dramatic focal point to the main living area, built in English oak with local natural materials.

Average residence size: Three bedroom residence with and average of 1,600 square feet.
North Bovey
Destination Club Name: Exclusive Resorts