Finca Villa Nueva

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Description: The excitement, the beauty, the extraordinary tropical fantasy that is Costa Rica. Now, thanks to ChiCosta, you can live out your dreams in your own amazing home in the untouched, uncomplicated splendor of one of the last true paradises on earth. Homes and lots…nestled in a small mountain village in the foothills overlooking Manuel Antonio. From the natural wonder and excitement of the rainforest, to the inspiring oceanscapes, mountain vistas, soothing tropical environs, intriguing wildlife, and unique biodiversity, culture and peoples, Costa Rica offers you an opportunity rich enough to last a lifetime.

If full ownership of a vacation home doesn’t make sense for your specific lifestyle or usual vacation schedule, Villa Nueva from ChiCosta Fractional Ownership is the perfect solution.

Fractional Ownership at Villa Nueva offers you deeded ownership of a significantly more luxurious or upscale vacation property. It provides multiple weeks of annual usage rather than a single week, Allows greater flexibility including a variety of ways of reserving vacation times, not just the same week each year. Fractional Ownership can be purchased in a variety of sizes from 1/4th to 1/12th shares. Most common are 1/6th to 1/8th shares.
Apartado 166-6350
Costa Rica