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Which is the Best Destination Club?

Discerning members of Destination Clubs enjoy access to private, luxury, vacation homes and appreciate the five-star travel services that the clubs provide. SherpaReport analysts have interviewed club members, interviewed club management, and spent hundreds of hours researching the clubs.

Based on this research, the best club for you and your family depends on :

  • your travel preferences
  • your budget
  • your feelings about club structure

1. Use the Selection Tool to get some initial ideas about suitable clubs.
2. Then download the comprehensive Guide to Destination Clubs, which includes details on over 20 clubs.

By reading the Guide you'll learn about:
  • The characteristics of destination clubs
  • What to consider when reviewing the clubs
  • Comparisons of the leading clubs
  • Comparisons of membership costs
  • Key questions to ask the clubs prior to joining
  • The home locations of the leading clubs

Nick CopleyFor many people, the Guide is all they need. If you have any further questions after reading the Guide, please contact our President & Senior Analyst, Nick Copley. His email is included in the Guide.

If you have any further questions after reading the Guide or you just want to discuss the Guide please feel free to contact us. Our President and Senior Analysts email is included in the report.  
The Guide itself covers most aspects of the different clubs, how they work and things to consider prior to joining. We're happy to answer short questions if you do need any further specifics.
The cost per night at the club homes is broadly in the region of $1,000+ (roughly £750, or 950 Euros). Some of the clubs and homes can be quite a bit less than this and some homes can be quite a bit more - so several thousand dollars a night.

Guide - Readers Comments SherpaReport Coverage
"Thankyou. I really appreciate the work you did in putting this together"
Chris B., Denver, Colorado

"It was very useful in helping me evaluate the clubs and their options. The list of questions to ask helped me analyze the myriad of options out there."
Jack L., Dover, MA

"For somebody like me who's just starting to explore the subject, the report was very helpful. "
Bob F., Rome, GA

"Great to see the whole picture in one place. "
David B., Kettering, England
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