Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee  $83,000 - $410,000
 Annual Dues $1,600 - $12,500
 # Nights per Year 7- 42
 % Membership Refundable Equity
 Refund Basis Sale in 7-10 Years
 # of homes 17+
 # of locations 14+
 Average Value $1,800,000+
 Number members 150+
 Founded 2005
 % Homes owned 100%


If you're seriously considering joining Rocksure then download "Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members". We do ask you to register to download it. The free Guide will give you an in-depth view of the different funds and clubs including their homes, services and questions to consider prior to joining. It will help you compare Rocksure to all the other destination clubs and residence funds.



Rocksure Property is raising several new funds after succesfully selling out its first two global villa funds. In their Alpha fund 38 investors bought 6 homes and in their Bravo fund 35 investors bought 5 homes.

The club is essentially an equity destination club, and each fund will have a finite life of 7-10 years, after which the homes will be sold and the proceeds shared amongst the investor members.

The Crystal fund will buy six vacation homes around the world. The Capital fund will buy a total of 8 homes in major European cities. The club is also launching apartment funds focused on New York, London and thirdly 6 major cities across the US, see the articles below for more details.

The 6 Crystal homes will be located in Andalucia, Spain; Corfu, Greece; Provence France; The Algarve, Portugal; Tuscany, Italy; Antigua.

The 8 Capital homes will be located in Paris, France (open); Barcelona, Spain (open); Prague, Czech Rebublic (open); Florence, Italy; Venice, Italy; Rome, Italy; Vienna, Austria (open); London, England.

All Rocksure Shareholders can use the other Rocksure Funds properties through the Inter-Fund programme and they also benefit from the use of a portfolio of nearly 50 other non-Rocksure properties.

Home Locations

The map below, shows some of the destinations where Rocksure has homes (red markers) and some of the planned locations in the new funds (purple markers). Click on the red markers to see the actual homes.

Full screen pb Geolocalisation bp

Read the articles below for more information about the club, and if you're seriously looking into joining a club download the free Guide to Destination Clubs (we do ask you to register to access this comprehensive Guide).