Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee   $100k-$800k
 Annual Dues   varies
 # Nights 35
 % Membership Refundable equity
 Refund Basis NA
 # of homes 100s
 # of locations 10
 Average Value $1m - $3m
 Members per Home varies
 Number members 3,000+
 Founded 1999


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The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club offers two types of membership. Both include an interest in real estate and both provide privileged access to the world of The Ritz-Carlton hotels, to further expand your travel horizons.

Home Club Membership is for for those who primarily enjoy vacationing in the same location, year after year. With your Membership, you will enjoy all the benefits of second home ownership without the cares and distractions of upkeep.
You are guaranteed a number of days in residence annually, with the opportunity to obtain reciprocal use at other Ritz-Carlton Club Residences, resorts and estates in locations around the world. This is akin to fractional ownership at a private residence club.

Portfolio Membership offers you the opportunity to experience different destinations year after year. You will be afforded more flexibility, choosing the times of year to travel, the length of your stay and the type and size of your accommodations. This is akin to other destination clubs.

The club has residences in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Vail, Jupiter, Hawaii, Maui, Bahamas, and St Thomas. Each location has a variety of sizes of residences, which can vary from one to four bedrooms and from 570 to 2,800 sq.ft. ft living space.

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