The luxury destination club, Quintess LRW, has simplified its pricing structure for new members. The change is partly designed to make it easier to compare Quintess to other destination clubs, and also provides more flexibility in structuring a membership plan.

Before this change, members could choose from a non-holiday or a holiday membership plan. As the names suggest, the holiday plan members could make advance reservations for peak holiday periods, that weren't available to non-holiday plan members. This was reflected in a higher initial membership fee for the holiday plans.

The new pricing, which is outlined in the table below, starts with a base plan, and then members can choose how many peak holiday reservations they want to add on. Each additional annual holiday reservation has a one off fee of $70,000 and lets the member make one peak holiday reservation each year. There's also an option to make one holiday reservation every other year for a one off fee of $40,000. As an example if someone joined the club at the Q30 level, with 30 nights a year of travel, and wanted two peak holiday reservation each year, the total initial membership fee would be $437,500. This certainly provides more flexibility in structuring a plan to meet personal travel patterns.

  Q10 Q20 Q30 Q40 Q50 Q60
 Plan Nights 10 20 30 40 50 60
 Initial Fee $140,000 $210,000 $297,500 $335,000 $380,000 $525,000
 Annual Dues $11,775 $23,550 $35,325 $45,375 $56,000 $70,650
 Advance Reservations 2 4 7 8 10 14

All the plans have a space available reservation window of 90 days, meaning that members can reserve within 90 days of travel without using one of their advance or holiday reservations.

"We wanted to make sure the plans were simple and easy to understand, and also to make them easier to compare competitively." said Todd Miller, VP Marketing at Quintess.

Under its prior membership plans, Quintess also had a daily occupancy charge of $275 per day. This fee is not charged under these new plans, although the annual dues have been adjusted to reflect this and now equate to roughly $1,150 per day.

The overall structure of these plans is very similar to Exclusive Resorts. In both cases family members can use the homes when the primary members aren't present, and members can reserve two homes in the same destination at the same time, to provide extra space for large gatherings. And for both clubs the base initial membership fee is 75% refundable when a member leaves the club. In March of this year we compared the three largest destination clubs, Quintess, Exclusive Resorts and Ultimate Escapes and this is a good place to start if you're looking at any of these clubs.