Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee $490,000 (see note)
 Annual Dues $19,600
 # Nights56
 % Membership Refundable100%
 Refund Basis0 in 1 out
 # of homes5
 # of locations5
 Average Value$2,500,000
 Members per Home6:1
 Number members15
 % Homes owned(see note)


This destination club is no longer in business, it never appeared to really get going and at best had just a handful of members and only owned one property. Please look at the other destination clubs for the latest list of leading clubs.

The club was headquartered in San Diego, California and was leasing it's initial homes and planned to buy homes 11 and onwards. It planned to have a total of 60 homes of which greater than 90% would have been owned. Size of homes were a minimum of 4,000 sq. ft and 4+ bedrooms. Each home was to include a luxury automobile.

The clubs initial fee consisted of a fully refundable Membership Deposit of $416,500 and a $73,500 Initiation Fee. The Membership Fee was refundable at 100% of the current value. Members were to have unlimited usage of the clubs homes, but could only have reservations for four weeks at one time, and pay a $200 a night fee for nights 57 onwards.


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