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Destination clubs provide their members with access to multiple luxury vacation homes, located all over the world. The homes are typically multi-million dollar residences, and are sited in major cities, at beaches, in mountains and leisure locations.

Membership of the clubs is an alternative to buying a second home. The clubs are sometimes also compared to, or even mixed up with, private residence clubs, but there are several key differences between the two.

If you're just starting out learning about the clubs read the overview and the glossary. Then you can start to compare them in the comparison table. One way to financially compare them is using a cost per night calculation and we've provided downloadable spreadsheets for these calculations.

And for a real in-depth look at the clubs, their homes and services, comparisons to alternatives and questions to consider before joining, download our Guide for Prospective Members.

The map shows some of the main destinations where the clubs have homes. Click on the markers to see the actual homes.

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The latest news and research on the clubs is included below.

The Quintess Collection just introduced new pricing and payment plans at each of its destination clubs. The new membership structure at DUO, largely mirrors the plans we covered earlier today for the Quintess Club, with one interesting extra offer. They provide a lot of flexibility for customizing a membership plan to suit your budget, cashflow and travel needs.

(Editors Note this article is from 2011). Exclusive Resorts has introduced several new pricing and payment plans over the last year. These provide a lot of flexibility for customizing a membership plan to suit your budget, cashflow and travel needs.

The worlds largest destination club has really upped the ante with its series of member events for next year. The club is even starting to describe itself as a private club for luxury travel experiences.

Whether you choose a Ritz-Carlton Home Club or a Portfolio membership, these oceanfront residences on Great Bay, St Thomas are one of your options.

New apartments in Dubai and Paris have just been added to The Hideaways Club's City Collection portfolio. Hideaways recently introduced a Founder Member Hybrid Share whereby people can invest in both the City Collection and the Classic Collection at a considerable saving on individual fund membership.

MonCasa Private Club Residences, is a new destination club that allows members to invest in luxury vacation residences using their Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP). They just announced a long term reciprocity agreement with The Quintess Collection, which provides members of both clubs access to each other's portfolio of properties in worldwide destinations.

The destination club recently made some new homes available to members at Doonberg Golf Club in Ireland and at the Montage Deer Valley resort, Utah.

The Quintess Collection has recently announced an expanded series of handpicked tours and experiences under its new Quintess Beyond program. New members who join before the end of August can choose a complementary Quintess Beyond experience.

This free webinar, co-hosted by Nick Copley of SherpaReport, will cover the various options for shared luxury vacation residences. If you're looking into buying a vacation home this webinar will help you understand all the choices.

The Lotus Renault Grand Prix driver joined The Hideaways Club in February 2008. He's just recently invested in the management company for the club and has agreed to become an Ambassador for The Hideaways Club.