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Destination clubs, residence funds and luxury travel clubs provide their members with access to multiple luxury vacation homes, located all over the world. The homes are typically multi-million dollar residences, and are sited in major cities, at beaches, in mountains and leisure locations.

Membership of the clubs is an alternative to buying a second home. The clubs are sometimes also compared to, or even mixed up with, private residence clubs, but there are several key differences between the two.

If you're just starting out learning about the clubs and funds read the overview and the glossary. Then you can start to compare them in the comparison table. One way to financially compare them is using a cost per night calculation and we've provided downloadable spreadsheets for these calculations. Here are the top reasons to join a club, but they are not for everybody and here are the reasons not to join.

And for a real in-depth look at the clubs, their homes and services, comparisons to alternatives and questions to consider before joining, download our Guide for Prospective Members.

The latest news and research on the clubs is included below.

Portofino has introduced a new luxury destination club - the Continental Collection. This is the third club for Portofino and complements their Signature Collection, with $1.2m homes, and the Portofino Collection with $2.5m homes.

Transparency ..... this was the big message coming out of a panel at the IMN Destination Club & Private Residence Club Industry symposium in Orlando yesterday. A number of CEOs, Founders and Presidents of destination clubs all reiterated the transparency theme.

About a month ago, the two destination clubs entered into a reciprocity agreement to allow each others members to use some of their luxury vacation homes. We checked in with both clubs on how this was going.

With each of the destination clubs and residence funds having different fee structures, it requires a little math to put them on a par to compare the cost per night. This article walks through the calculation and provides you with a downloadable spreadsheet showing the calculation for most of the clubs.

The Markers has just announced an investment in Private Club Network that gives Markers members access to the 192 private golf and country clubs in the Network. In addition members of the Private Club Network can try out The Markers Club with a specially priced preview "experience".

We recently talked to Vicki Vorhees, the President of Premier Destinations to find out the latest details on this luxury destination club. The club has just launched its membership program in January this year and is in discussions with 15 charter members.

In a first for a destination club, BelleHavens just launched GreenHome, an energy conservation program for its portfolio of luxury vacation homes. Many of the homes are already well on the way to conversion to being energy efficient and the club overall will be carbon neutral.

Exclusive Resorts recently announced a membership financing plan that allow members to defer payment for up to 5 years on up to 80% of their initial membership fee. Members who join under the payment plan have all the other full rights of membership.

High Country Club, one of the lowest priced destination clubs, has recently announced a new Associate membership level. For an initial membership fee of $30,000 and annual dues of $3,500, members can use the clubs properties for up to 15 nights a year.

BelleHavens recently announced the acquisition of another destination club, the Havens Club. The signs are that almost all, if not all, of the Havens Clubs 40 members will be joining BelleHavens, giving BelleHavens a total of about 90 members. BelleHavens is also reviewing the acquisition of some of the Havens Club's properties, although many of these were not owned by the club.

Ciel is an ultra luxurious destination club that offers its members a variety of unique customized experiences, in addition to providing access to its multi million dollar homes. Founded by billionaire J. Joe Ricketts, the founder of Ameritrade, the club is limiting its numbers to just 100 members.

Another destination club has now passed the 100 member mark, with M Private Residences just reaching this number in February. The clubs 100 shareholders have completed over 500 trips and according to Ken McLean the CEO are using the properties for an average of 42 days annually.

With its successful acquisition of Tanner & Haley properties Ultimate Resort has introduced Ultimate Resort ELITE. Members in this club enjoy luxury homes with an average value of $3.5m. Approximately half of Ultimates overall 105 homes are part of the ELITE portfolio.