Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (highest) $468,000
 Annual Dues (highest) $37,440
 # Nights 35
 % Membership Refundable varies (see below)
 Refund Basis 3 in 1 out
 # of homes 6
 # of locations 6
 Average Value $3,200,000
 Members per Home 6:1
 Number members 20+
 Founded 2005


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The Oyster Circle is a European based destination club, with an additional property in the Caribbean.

The club has three membership levels, two are individual levels and one is a corporate level. They are summarized in the tables below. Note the memberships are priced in Euros and this is what we've used below, but in the table above we've translated them to US$ at an exchange rate of 1.3 $ to the Euro€.

 Initial Fee €330,000 €330,000 €400,000
 Annual Dues €21,000 €25,200 €30,250
 Days Usage 28 35 35

Members can purchase additional days of usage at €Euro 900 per day, but these can only be used within three months of travel.

When a member resigns they get back 80% of their initial fee if they have been a member for 2, 3 or 4 years, or if they resign after 5 or more years they can get the higher of either 100% of their initial fee or 80% of the current value of a membership. No resignations are allowed in the first year of membership.

The club maintains a members to home ratio of 6:1, and plans to enroll 400 members and have 67 luxury homes in 50 destinations. The homes have a typical value of €E2.5m and a typical size of 3,800 sqft for villas and 2,200 sqft for city apartments. The club has been downsizing over the last few years and has reduced the number of homes as membership has dropped off.

The club is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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