In an article headlined "A Second Act for Destination Clubs", the Times gave a good review of destination clubs.

Quintess Telluride Home
Quintess Telluride Homes

Susan Stellin, the author, interviewed several destination club members and also several executives from various clubs. The clubs that were mentioned included Exclusive Resorts, Ultimate Resort, Private Escapes, Lusso and Crescendo.

While the article noted the bankruptcy of one of the early clubs, Tanner & Haley, in 2006, it also covered the formation of the Destination Club Association which has introduced a Code of Responsible Business Conduct, and a net assets test and annual audit requirement for member clubs.

Even the recent decision by Hawaiis State Auditor, not to issue new destination club laws, received a mention.

Overall it was a pretty balanced view of the clubs and where they stand and why members give them great ratings.