The first fund from Luxus, the Premiere Collection, is close to being sold out. The newly launched Elite Collection is targeting higher end vacation homes with average property values exceeding $2.5 million.

Luxus Kauai Home

Luxus launched the Premiere Collection in 2007, with the support of 18 founding partners. The collection is structured as an investment partnership, think of it as a luxury real estate private equity group, that provides its partners with a combined lifestyle and financial solution. Each property in the collection is used exclusively by the partners, offering luxurious holidays, the comforts of home, and long-term investment growth potential. The partnership owns $1m+ homes throughout the world and has just bought its 29th home, located in Whistler, BC. Stephen Petasky, Luxus founder and President noted that the fund plans to cap out at 30 homes, so the final one will be in the Caribbean, probably in the Turks and Caicos.

With the success of this first fund, the group has just launched the new Elite Collection which is investing in higher value homes. This new partnership has already bought 6 homes including Costa Rica, Maui, Scottsdale and Napa Valley, and is targeting homes that will average over $2.5m, with a range of from around $1.6m to $4m. There are already 25 families that have joined the partnership.

Luxus Tuscany Home

"We are growing and growing very well," said Stephen, "forty to fifty people joined the partnership last year alone."

The partnerships use a points system to balance out demand for each property. Each night receives a point value of 1, 2, 3, or 4, with 1 point assigned for "low season" (Scottsdale in the summer) and 4 points assigned for "holiday season" (Maui at Christmas). Partners buy into the investment at a given level and gain an annual number of points for that level. For instance in the Elite Collection a base investment is $165,000 and annual expenses of $6,500 for 25 points, or a "Diamond" investment is $550,000 and annual expense of $22,000 for 100 points.

"We provide investors with the opportunity to be owners of not only one vacation property but a portfolio of properties around the world." commented Stephen.