The Lusso Collection just announced a special promotion offering frequent flyer miles on seven major airlines. 

New members will earn their membership deposit fee in frequent flyer miles - so either 425,000 or 325,000 miles depending on the membership plan. The miles can be used on American, Northwest, Delta, U.S. Airways, Hawaiian, Midwest or Alaska. The offer is available for all members who join before 30th September 2008.

Different destination clubs have different promotional offers throughout the year. If you're looking at joining a club it's well worth asking if there are any current promotions or special offers. Ultimate Escapes and Exclusive Resorts often provide American Express Rewards Points and may also double up these points. With some clubs you may also be able to negotiate the fees, although other clubs will not move move on fees but may have flexibility on payment timing or structure, or may offer additional days usage in your first year of membership.