Another destination club has just passed the 100 members mark, with LUSSO Collection announcing that it recently added its 100th new member.

As with many of the clubs, as they begin to grow, a large number of members come through referrals from other members. In LUSSOs case about a third of members were referred by other members.

Other clubs with over 100 members include:

Club     Approx. Members

Exclusive Resorts 3,000

Ultimate Resort/Private Escapes1,200

Quintess 400

High Country 270

Portofino 160

M Private 122

BelleHavens 100

At the same time LUSSO is also planning to increase its annual dues to $28,000 (from $26,500) for members joining after November 1st. It increased the initial membership deposit back on September 15 from $375,000 to $395,000.