Luxury destination club Inspirato recently introduced a subscription-based program to its membership offerings. With Inspirato Pass, subscribers can gain unlimited access to exclusive vacation properties, five-star hotel rooms and unique travel experiences, all for one set monthly fee, with no additional taxes or hidden charges.

Brent Handler, the founder and CEO of Inspirato says, "Inspirato Pass gives affluent travelers the freedom to book a wider variety of trips and experiences on a more frequent basis, without the burden of nightly rates all at tremendous value. Whether exploring accommodations or experiences for family, play, or business, Inspirato Pass offers something for everyone."

Inspirato home

Under the terms of the program, subscribers pay a set fee per month. In return, members and their spouses or partners can stay at any of Inspirato’s luxury vacation homes, hotel suites, and resorts. They can also enjoy the company’s many custom travel experiences, such as European cruises, African safaris, and marquee sporting events. Trips can be as short as two nights or as long as two months, and can be booked up to one year in advance. The list of available accommodations is updated daily, meaning members can always choose from thousands of possible destinations and experiences.


The monthly fee for one subscription is $2,500. This allows for one active reservation to be held at any time and members or their partner must be present at any bookings. However, for an additional monthly fee of $500, a sharing option can be purchased, allowing members unlimited sharing privileges. This enables a member’s family, friends, or business contacts to enjoy the benefits of membership. Those wishing to have 2 active reservations at any time pay a monthly subscription fee of $5,000, with an optional add-on of $1,000 to allow sharing privileges.

Booking with Inspirato Pass is easy. The website ( lists the trips that are available. Members can simply choose the one that interests them and make the reservation with the click of a button. As soon as they have completed their stay, they can make another reservation (Editorial update - this reservation program has subsequently changed and members can now hold multiple reservations). The initial membership agreement is for six months. After the fifth month, the subscription can be cancelled at any time by providing 30 days written notice.

As mentioned, all nightly rates, taxes, and fees associated with accommodation are included. Also included is Inspirato’s high-level of customized planning and concierge service. Members are responsible for their transportation costs, and any extra costs such as parking, internet access, dining, activities, and so on. There is no penalty for cancelling a reservation, as long as it is cancelled more than 72 hours in advance. Any cancellations within 72 hours of arrival incur a $250 per night fee.

Ngala Tented Camp

What kind of trip could you be enjoying as an Inspirato Pass subscriber?

A quick browse of the tens of thousands of current offerings includes:

  • A week at a 3-bedroom luxury residence in Vail, Colorado in August with an estimated value of $7,351.
  • A week for up to 8 travelers at a property in Grand Cayman, just before Christmas. (Estimated value: $21,594).
  • One week in January for up to 12 guests on the ski slopes of Snowmass Village, Colorado. (Estimated value: $14,785).
  • Seven summer nights at a 2 bedroom London apartment with an estimated value of $9,499.
  • A 10-day New Zealand adventure vacation in February 2020 with an estimated value of $28,000 for two people.
  • A 16-day Singapore to Tokyo cruise in spring 2020. (Estimated value starting at $16,500 per suite).

Review & Comments

This is the first time that SherpaReport has seen a monthly subscription model like this in the luxury travel space. Some other destination clubs do have an annual fee which covers a fixed number of nights at the club homes each year, but then other experiential trips tend to be extras. The interesting piece about the Inspirato model is that it covers all sorts of travel, from large spacious vacation homes, to hotels and suites and special one off trips. If you travel quite a bit and are smart on using the "active" reservations, this could be an interesting membership option.

To compare Inspirato, and the Pass Program, to other destination clubs, please do register to download our in-depth Guide to Destination Clubs, which has comparisons of the different clubs and their models.