The people at luxury travel club Inspirato understand how difficult it can be to leave one of their luxury vacation properties after just a week of rest and relaxation. They know that their members are likely to fall in love with a destination and want to stay for perhaps a month… or six. That’s why they have launched the new JauntLiving Program, designed to let members enjoy extended stays with all-inclusive fees.


JauntLiving arose from a growing demand among existing members for a longer-term stay option. Over the last few years, as travel has been more dependent on covid restrictions, people have wanted a change of scenery more than ever. So why not spend the summer in the Hamptons, or go to Italy for a month? With JauntLiving, members can spend a whole ski season on the slopes or skip winter altogether by escaping to a tropical beach for a year.

Each Wednesday, Inspirato lists the available extended stays on its website. The properties are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As with any regular Inspirato booking, there are no hidden charges. The amount paid includes all taxes and fees. Also included are the usual benefits that members have come to expect: five-star luxury properties, pre-arrival grocery delivery, on-demand concierge service, and housekeeping. Some properties are also pet-friendly, so members don’t have to leave behind furry family members when they travel. What’s more, the all-inclusive cost provides huge savings. Members booking through JauntLiving save an average of 50% as compared to usual Inspirato rates, with some trips offering savings as high as 80%!

Sample Availability

What types of destinations and prices are available? We took a look at the current JauntLiving listings and found the following examples:

  • A 3 bedroom house in Palm Springs, CA available for 4 months (Jun-Oct), $74,000
  • A 5 bedroom oceanfront property in Hawaii available from mid-August to mid-September, $59,900
  • A 3 bedroom historic residence in Florence, Italy available for the month of August, $54,500
  • A 2 bedroom luxury suite in New York available for 3 weeks in August, $18,500.

These are just a few samples of the many listings available at the time of writing.

Inspirato for Good

Another new initiative launched by Inspirato in 2022 was Inspirato for Good. This allows nonprofit organizations to offer Inspirato luxury packages to boost their fundraising efforts. The packages can be auctioned off to donors, offering a high-end item without any stress. Each travel package consists of a vacation option and a six- or 12-month Inspirato Club subscription. The packages are priced at $4,000 or $8,000, depending on the value of the trip and the subscription terms. Once auctioned off, the nonprofit keeps 50% of the purchase price. All packages are consignment-based meaning if they are not sold, the nonprofit pays nothing.

Inspirato Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brent Handler says, “With Inspirato for Good, we are committed to giving nonprofits an easier and more impactful way to differentiate their charitable campaigns and accelerate the funds they raise for important causes. Nonprofits can now partner with a recognized luxury hospitality brand… with the confidence that their donors will receive substantial value in the form of an Inspirato luxury vacation and Club subscription.”

Donors can choose their trip from an extensive list of more than 60,000 options in destinations such as Mexico, Europe, Vail, or the Hamptons. All trips include Inspirato’s signature service. Nonprofits that have already participated in the Inspirato for Good program have announced highly successful fundraising events.

Inspirato staff can work with nonprofits to create the fundraising package best suited to their needs and event.

Last year saw business continue to boom at luxury travel club Inspirato. As of September 30, 2022, there were 16,300 active subscriptions, an increase of 16% year-over-year. Inspirato Pass subscriptions totaled 3,800, an increase of 61% year-over-year, and Total Controlled Accommodations had risen to 726, a 48% increase year-over-year. The new JauntLiving and Inspirato for Good are further additions to their offerings, ensuring that members can continue to expect the highest standards of travel.