Inspirato recently began re-opening its homes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The luxury hospitality company has instituted a new enhanced cleaning program to ensure safety for members. We took a look at the measures in place that allow Inspirato to live up to their promise of “taking care of our members like no one else.”

Clean Vacation Commitment

When the pandemic first struck earlier this year, Inspirato immediately closed all of its vacation properties. In May, the company launched its Inspirato Clean Vacation Commitment in preparation for welcoming back guests. Inspirato’s housekeeping standards were already among the best in the hospitality business but they have been further revised after Inspirato management consulted with leading health and safety advisors. As a result, all housekeeping staff have received additional training. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and disposable masks and gloves are now available for guests at all properties.

Inspirato is also taking great care to prevent possible exposure to COVID-19. All members and travel companions are now required to complete two health evaluations, the first 72 hours before travel and then again on departure.

Inspirato The Hamptons

Contactless Service

To further protect both guests and staff, Inspirato has put into place a number of contactless service options. Employees will wear masks and engage in social distancing. However, if guests prefer, they can opt for remote check-in and check-out, doorstep grocery delivery, and fewer (or no) housekeeping visits. Guests who wish to have their kitchen pre-stocked with groceries will be reassured to know that all produce will be washed, cans cleaned, and surfaces disinfected.

Inspirato’s onsite concierge teams maintain up-to-date information on any restrictions or other factors that may impact their travel experience. This and the provision of custom itineraries are an extra step to ensure that vacations fully meet members’ expectations.

Jeff Hartman, Executive VP of Marketing at Inspirato, says that the response to the new procedures has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, June was the biggest booking month in Inspirato’s history. Hartman says, “We’ve heard from many members and prospective members that Inspirato’s emphasis on Service and Certainty as part of our brand promise is more important than ever in the current environment.”

Inspirato Sonoma California home

New Vacation Homes

In response to the increased demand, new properties have been added to the portfolio (9 in June with more expected to be announced soon). Although some of these properties were already in the planning stages before the pandemic, additional ones were added when the company saw that more people were interested in destinations within driving distance. New properties in the Florida Keys, Tahoe, and Aspen all offer the chance of a drive-to getaway. Hartman says that homes in the mountain regions of the US and in the southeastern US have been very popular. However, trips to further out destinations such as Hawaii and Costa Rica are also being booked. Hartman describes a trend of “significant pent-up demand for travel.” He further says that members are “responding to Inspirato’s unique expertise in delivering safety, cleanliness, and privacy as they resume vacationing.”

Key to the company’s ongoing popularity is the fact that members know they are staying at a property where privacy and safety are prized. At hotels or many rental options, you may find yourself sharing facilities with a number of guests, where contact with other guests and staff can be difficult to limit, and where cleaning standards may vary. However, with an Inspirato membership, you can be confident in knowing that the environment is more safely controlled. You and your family can relax, knowing that your holiday home is for you and you alone.

Inspirato has made available information about the status of various properties and expected opening dates. These dates may be subject to change at any time, and Inspirato is reminding members to check current travel regulations before planning any trips, particularly when traveling overseas.