Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (highest)$80,000
 Annual Dues (highest)$9,600
 # Nights35
 % Membership Refundable100% 1st year; 80% after
 Refund Basis2 in 1 out
 # of homes36
 # of locations30
 Average Value$850,000
 Members per Home6:1
 Number members375+
 % Homes owned88%



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High Country Club closed and filed for bankruptcy in late 2008. Another victim of the economic storm that affected many parts of the economy. It had offered several levels of membership, including a Group/Corporate membership. The plans offered between 7 and 35 nights of use. The initial membership fee was 100% refundable within the first year, and 80% refundable thereafter. The club also offered home equity lines through JPMorgan Chase for financing membership fees.

Reservations fell into three categories. "Long Term Reservations" up to a year in advance. "Holiday Reservations", also up to a year in advance, but for designated holiday periods. "Advanced Reservations" for bookings made within 90 days of travel. All of these could be booked online.

The club was headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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