It’s been a while since we looked at London headquartered Hideaways Club. The group recently brought on a new CEO, which often means a new set of eyes and subsequent changes. Here’s the latest details for the offerings from this shared ownership fractional club.


Robert Swartling is a Swedish entrepreneur who has run various companies including property development companies in Europe. He joined Hideaways in June 2023 and notes he is “on a mission to lead the club into an exciting new chapter.”

Funds & Homes

Hideaways has two funds that buy luxurious vacation homes. Investors in the funds are also members of the club and have exclusive access to the fund properties for their vacations.

Hideaways started its first fund the Classic Collection in 2007. This currently offers over 37 hand-picked luxury villas and chalets with most homes in Europe and others spread across Asia and Africa. Members buy one of the four share levels, with the most popular being the Classic A level which has an initial fee of £213,000 and annual fees of £22,480. Classic A holders can travel for about 4-6 weeks a year, with reservations made using the clubs points based system.

The City Collection, launched in 2011, has a portfolio of 8 luxurious global city apartments in London, Prague, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai and Bangkok. There are two share levels with an A share costing £70,000 and annual dues of £11,500, which grants 24 nights of travel per year. The City Collection B share provides 12 nights a year for roughly half this price.

As with other destination clubs and funds each member has a personal concierge to assist with any aspect of holiday planning and each home has a property manager who helps with local requests.

Hideaways LaRetraite, Le Rouret, France


Hideaways Club has several partnerships which together provide access to thousands of other homes around the world. All shareholders, in both collections, have the same access to these partner properties.

The latest addition to the partner group is ThirdHome and Hideaways told us that members have already reserved over 100 nights, through this agreement. The other, more established reciprocal partnerships include Exclusive Resorts, Equity Estates, Elite Alliance, and the Eden Club in Scotland. Altogether the Hideaways members use about 12-13% of their total nights to travel with these partner companies – so providing some nice alternatives to the club homes.

Share Transfers

A new feature that the club introduced in March 2022 is a marketplace – called the Share Transfer Service (STS) - to enable members and prospective members to buy and sell shares in the club. It sounds like members had been asking for something like this for quite a while, particularly coming out of covid. The STS allows members to sell their shares, or part of their shares, at a price that they determine and is also a way for new members to join the club.

Hideaways says that since it was launched, STS has facilitated 28 transactions, with 18 new members joining the club and 10 existing members upgrading.

Future Plans

Hideaways told us that going forwards their plan is to add more European focused homes, which tend to be more popular and see more use compared to their longer haul destinations. Members are also looking for more experiences and the club plans to curate more itineraries.