This free 60 page report is designed to help you see if a destination club makes sense for you and your family or your company. It provides a lot of insight and background to help you make this assessment.

Destination Clubs Guide

Destination clubs provide members with exclusive access to a portfolio of luxury homes. Depending on the club, the homes can vary in value from under $1m to between $5m and $10m.

We've spent several months compiling the report. It includes details on the characteristics of destination clubs and what amenities and services you can expect from them. It covers the trends among destination clubs and how they have evolved and also looks at the alternatives to joining a club.

The report also includes a series of due diligence questions to ask as you narrow your search to a few clubs. Some of the key questions are:

Occupancy and Reservations

  • How does the reservation system work ? What are the procedures for booking holidays and peak periods ?
  • What is the actual occupancy ratio (the amount of time that a home is booked and occupied by members) and how does this vary over time and by property ?

Financial Assurances

  • How do I know my membership deposit is secure ? What structures are in place to protect me ?
  • Will I receive financial reports on the club? How often ? Are these audited ?
  • Are annual dues covering the operating costs of homes ?


  • What types of membership plans do you offer ?
  • Who can use the membership ? Friends, family ? On an unaccompanied basis ?
  • What are the annual dues and how much can these increase by ?


  • What services does the club provide ?
  • Which are included in the annual dues and which are extra ?

The full report includes a wide selection of other questions to ask the clubs that your are seriously considering.

To receive the report we do ask you to register. The full report is available here.