The destination clubs have varying rules covering use of the clubs homes by unaccompanied guests. We've summarized the rules for most of the leading clubs.

Destination clubs are a great way to enjoy luxury vacations with your friends and family in a private home setting. The clubs typically provide spacious 3, 4 and 5+ bedroom homes, allowing members to play host to siblings, parents, children and friends. Some of the clubs allow family and friends to visit the homes without the club member being present, while others allow these unaccompanied visits after the member has paid an additional fee. None of the destination clubs rent out their homes or allow anyone unconnected to a member to stay at the homes.

 Club Relatives Non Relatives
 Ciel Club One annual "sponsored visit" without member present One annual "sponsored visit" without member present
 Solstice 100% of advance reservation time can be transferred to family or friends Member must accompany guest if booked using spontaneous access
 Exclusive "Family Access" option is extra $10k initial, plus 20% annual dues  
 Quintess Siblings, parents, in-laws and children over 25 included  
 M Private One week per year for family member 25 or older  
 One Key Family, friends and other guests included Any guest under 25 must be with adult
 Private Escapes "Extended family" plans available, with restricted nights  
 Ultimate Resort Siblings, parents, in-laws and children over 21 included  
 LUSSO Collection Two "gift weeks" per year for family members over 25  
 Bellehavens "Friends and Family Passport" $3,500 per year. Ages over 24.  
 Distinctive Holiday Homes Children over 21 in all plans. "Family days" in most plans.  
 Portofino Siblings, parents, in-laws and children over 25 included  
 High Country Club "Friends and Family Access" program is extra $10k initial, plus 20% annual dues  

Ciel Club
Members and their spouses can use the club with their family and friends at any time. Ciel also offers one "sponsored visit" per year, allowing members to give a week's stay to a friend or adult child without members present.

Solstice Collection
Advance access reservations allow for members to give up to 100% use to any party at their discretion. Spontaneous use reservations (which for Solstice don't count towards a membership plans reservation limits) call for members to be present during all stays, making Solstice a good choice for travelers booking advance trips for friends, for example.

Exclusive Resorts
Exclusive Resorts offer Family Access programs as a supplement to membership, which entitles members' adult children, parents, brothers or sisters to travel unaccompanied. The Family Access option costs a non-refundable $10,000 and an additional 20 per cent in annual dues. The primary member or his or her spouse must be present for the duration of all other stays.

Quintess has recently expanded its destination privileges to members' entire families and made all eight of its individual plans into family plans. For all family plans, this means that members have the ability to designate membership plan use to extended family, including brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws and children over 25.
The number of extended family designees varies among the levels of family plans, and ranges from four to eight individuals per year. In general, the plans with more base nights allow more designees. Affiliate and Premium plans are allowed 5 designees; Quintessential 45 members are allowed six designees; and Quintessential 60 members are allowed eight designees. These numbers include the primary member, and designees may be changed from year to year.

M Private Residences
Family options are available, free of charge, to members in the "Adventurer" (60 night membership plan) and "Adventurer two-family" tiers, allowing for a one week reservation per year for a family member 25 or older. This option is available to "Quest" (21 night membership plan) members for $2,000 annually. A designate must be present at the property for the duration of all the other reservations.

One Key
One Key World's system is the least restrictive of all listed clubs, allowing members across all memberships tiers to transfer their nights to family, friends and other guests without restriction. Any guest under 25 must be accompanied by an adult.

Private Escapes
Private Escapes' operates three clubs, - Premiere, Platinum and Pinnacle - all have a membership tier that allow for sharing of nights with family and friends. This "corporate/extended family" membership tier includes 40 nights in residence plus seven nights of reciprocity. These plans are priced a little above the "Individual" plans which allow unlimited usage.
Private Escapes reciprocity means that members can reserve club space across the three clubs. For members with larger families, you can use your reciprocal access for family reunions or special events. For instance, Pinnacle members can reserve a home in their tier and use their reciprocal nights to reserve another home in the same location for friends and family.

Ultimate Resort
All plans include family use at no additional cost for members'. This allows parents, children over 21 and siblings to use the Ultimate homes. The corporate membership plan allows for any traveler over 21 designated by the member.
Ultimate Resort's flexibility makes it a viable option for potential members with adult children.

With the announced merger of Ultimate Resort and Private Escapes the new family usage policies for new members will be consistent between the two clubs.

LUSSO Collection
Lusso's commitment to club availability for all members means a limit of two "gift weeks" per year for members to give to a family member over 25. All regular nights are available to members' spouses and any guests accompanying them. Note that LUSSO has only one membership plan which offers unlimited usage, so they limit the "gift weeks" to preserve the availability to all members.

Bellehavens' guidelines for non-member reservations differ by membership plan: "Traveler" (15 nights) - member and/or significant other must be present during every stay.
"Adventurer" (30 nights) - member and/or significant other must be present unless member opts into the Friends and Family Passport which carries an annual $3,500 fee that allows you to send any guest, over the age of 24, to a BelleHavens home or hotel. Passport participants' nights are capped at 30 and are ineligible for additional night purchases.
"Voyager" (45 nights) - member and/or significant other must be present unless member opts into Friends and Family Passport, and then nights are capped at 45.
"Explorer" (60 nights) - Passport participation is free of charge and members can reserve two properties simultaneously. Explorer members are always capped at 60 nights of reservations annually.

Distinctive Holiday Homes
Members' spouses and children over 21 can use membership plan nights for all Distinctive Holiday Homes plans. In addition, the "Standard" (14 night) through Corporate plans grant "family days" to give to parents, grandparents, siblings and other extended family members.

Family days by membership plan:
 Lite - none
 Standard - 7
 Premium- 14
 Deluxe - 14
 Platinum - 14
 Corporate - 35 days for anyone, including family, employees or clients
You can add up to three associate memberships to the Lite - Platinum plans for $5,000 each, and space can be reserved the same way as all other members.

Portofino Collection
Portofino Destination Clubs allows members' parents, children and siblings to travel to the residences unaccompanied, along with their own guests. They do have to be at least 25 years old, and the primary member must make the reservation for them. You can also allow most other adults over 25 to use the residences unaccompanied for up to seven nights at any one time for a fee of $900 per night.

High Country Club
High Country Club recently announced its addition of a "Friends and Family Access" program, allowing members to purchase unaccompanied guest use of their memberships for an initial fee of $10,000 and an additional 20 per cent in annual dues.

As a potential member, make sure that any clubs you are considering joining offer a travel plan that fits your families travel needs. The clubs that have generous family plans mean that you can easily share your vacation time with other friends and family, so for instance, you could give a gift of a vacation week to your parents or siblings.

Many of the destination clubs also offer "Corporate" membership plans which allow the nights to be shared amongst several named members - this can be a good way for corporate partners to enjoy membership or for a firm to reward its high achievers.