SherpaReport asked people who had joined a destination club, “which factors made you choose that destination club?” Respondents were able to list as many reasons as they liked, and on average these members provided three main reasons. Here are the results of this survey.

The most popular answer was the variety of destinations offered by the destination club. Nearly three quarters – 74% - of respondents gave this response. One of the core value propositions of destination clubs is that they provide access to multiple luxury vacation homes around the world. They are also an alternative to owning a second home. Therefore, members selected clubs largely based on where they live, where they like to travel and what they perceive as being a top vacation destination.

“Destination clubs are an alternative to villa rentals, five star hotels or buying your own second home,” said Nick Copley, President of SherpaReport, “so in a way it’s no surprise that the old real estate adage of location, location, location still holds true. Nearly three quarters of the members we surveyed highlighted the variety of destinations as a key reason for joining.”

Nearly 50 percent of respondents said the size of the club was an important factor in their decision making process. Members who had joined both large and small clubs named this as a top issue in selecting their club. For some, the intimate, boutique nature of a smaller club is appealing. For others, the large breadth of destinations offered by a bigger club is more attractive.

Almost 70 percent of respondents identified price and value as key considerations. Members enjoy the five-star levels of services and amenities that their clubs provide, but during these economic times the affluent membership is clearly still very focused on receiving good value for their money.

Below are the full results of the questionnaire: Which factors made members choose their destination club? The respondents were members of 10 different destination clubs.

 Factor  Percent
 The variety of destinations  
 The price was right for the value offered  
 The club structure  
 The size of the club  
 The services offered by the club  
 Flexibility of the reservations  
 Friends or family are already members  

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