In order to increase the luxury travel options for their respective members, 3RD HOME and Equity Residences are opening up their respective locations to the other clubs members.

3RD HOME is one of the largest reciprocal travel clubs. Its members own almost 4,000 luxury vacation homes around the world. By making available weeks of time in their own second home for other members' use, members earn 3RD HOME Keys that can be used as currency to immediately reserve a stay at other 3RD HOME properties. So members enjoy the use of other club members' homes all over the world without the expense of renting.

Equity Residences operates luxury real estate private equity funds that invest in vacation residences. When you invest in Equity Residences Equity Villa Fund, and their newly announced Equity Platinum Fund, each of which are comprised of up to 20 beautiful vacation homes, you not only participate in the fund performance, but are rewarded with rent-free vacations at prime beach, ski and leisure destinations. And now, through the affiliation with 3RD HOME, Equity Villa Fund and Equity Platinum Fund investors can exchange their rent-free vacations in the 3RD HOME system and enjoy access to thousands of more travel options.

3RD HOME members will be able to exchange time in their homes to visit Equity Residences growing number of luxury vacation destinations.

3RD HOME Villa Allegria Anguilla

"We're excited to offer 3RD HOME members the opportunity to stay in our luxury private residences and experience the hospitality and services offered by Equity Residences best-in-class luxury home investment funds," says Greg Salley, Managing Director for Equity Residences. "We're excited to provide Equity Residences investors the opportunity to travel to the nearly 3,800+ properties that are part of the 3RD HOME portfolio around the world."

At SherpaReport, we always look at partnerships like this as an added bonus for members of destination clubs and residence funds. They provide some extra icing on the cake, by giving access to multiple other homes in locations around the world.

For instance, Equity Residences has also joined with Elite Alliance to provide access to their residence clubs and professionally managed vacation homes. 3RD HOME has also partnered with destination clubs the Ritz-Carlton Club and more recently Quintess