The Quintess Collection just introduced new pricing and payment plans at each of its destination clubs. The new membership structure at DUO, largely mirrors the plans we covered earlier today for the Quintess Club, with one interesting extra offer. They provide a lot of flexibility for customizing a membership plan to suit your budget, cashflow and travel needs.

Choose a Club

The Quintess Collection consists of three clubs, Quintess, DUO by Quintess and the TOUR CLUB. So the first step in joining is to pick a "home club". Members in any of the three clubs have access to all the homes across the entire Quintess Collection. The key difference between Quintess and DUO by Quintess is the level of homes. At the Quintess club the homes are larger, with 4 or more bedrooms and an average value of about $4m. The DUO homes have two to three en-suite bedrooms and an average $2m value. The TOUR CLUB is really for folks who love golf and want to play, participate and experience it at the highest levels.

Multiple Plan Levels

The next step is then choosing the number of days you want to travel with the club each year.

Just like its sister club Quintess, DUO by Quintess offers 6 membership plans providing from 10 to 60 nights of travel in 10 day increments. Like Quintess, each membership plan comes with a number of advanced reservations, which allow members to reserve homes well ahead of their travel time. So for instance, a 30 night membership plan comes with 7 advanced reservations, which means a 30 day member can plan and book 7 future vacations well in advance. The more nights in your membership plan, the more advanced reservations you have - this is typical of membership plans at all the destination clubs.

All the DUO by Quintess club plans have the same 90 day window for making "Space Available Reservations". These are trips made on shorter notice and so don't count towards having "Advanced Reservations" on the books.

Annual Dues

The annual membership dues vary depending on the number of nights in the membership plan and range between $750 to $795 per night.

Concierge Only

DUO is now offering a payment mechanism, whereby members only have to pay $2,500 initially each year. They pay the rest of their annual dues as and when they use their annual membership nights. So if a member decides to use only half of their membership nights in a given year, they only pay for those nights, and pay at the nightly rate inherent in the annual dues. As an example, if a member has a 10 night membership plan, but only stay for 8 nights in the year, they would pay 8 x $795 = $6,360 in total, and pay this as they use those nights.

Membership Nights 10 20 30 40 50 60
 Annual Dues $7,950 $15,350 $22,750 $30,150 $37,550 $44,950
 Advanced Reservations 2 4 7 9 11 14
 Space Available
 (Reserve Window)
90 90 90 90 90 90

DUO South Beach Miami

Holiday Reservations

With the high demand for travel during a few peak holiday periods, DUO by Quintess also has a priority holiday booking system. If you want to make advance reservations during these times, you need to pay a one off non-refundable fee, that gives you access to this holiday inventory during your membership.

The holidays covered by these reservations are Easter, Spring Break, 4th of July, Christmas, New Years and Presidents Day. Members can choose whether they want to reserve a holiday in advance every year - for which the one time non-refundable fee is $40,000. Or they can make a holiday reservation every other year for $25,000.

As an example, if you know when you join the club that you will always want to travel during Presidents week each year, and then every other year you want to travel at Christmas, you would pay $65,000 to be able to reserve over these dates.

Non-Refundable Plans

DUO by Quintess is now offering non-refundable membership plans. So new members have a choice of whether they want to pay a larger membership fee, of which 75% is refundable when they leave, or pay a smaller non-refundable fee.

Deferred Payments

Whether new members choose the refundable or non-refundable membership plan for DUO by Quintess, both can be paid in multiple installments. New members pay an initial 1/15 of their chosen plan on joining and then the balance in fourteen more installments, over a period of up to 14 years (Yes, you read it correclty, fourteen years).

 Plan Nights  Refundable  Non-Refundable
 Pay in Full 
 15 Payments
 Pay in Full 
 15 Payments
 10  $51,000 
 20  $73,000 
 30  $95,000 
 40  $116,000 
 50  $138,000 
 60  $160,000 

With its 14 year payment option and Concierge only option, DUO is offering one of the lowest entry points we've seen for joining a destination club.

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All three clubs have very similar membership pricing structures, which makes it very easy to compare them. If you're seriously considering a destination club, then do also download our free "Guide to Destination Clubs".