Since 2004, Destination M has been providing vacation experiences for its members. This equity destination club recently changed its name from M Private Residences. The non-profit club owns luxury vacation homes around the world.

Membership with Destination M is an opportunity to own and enjoy multiple vacation properties. Members of Destination M own equity in a portfolio of luxurious homes and vacation in those homes year-round. More than 90% of all capital raised through memberships goes towards new property purchases.

Destination M is a non-profit organization whose real estate portfolio is entirely member owned and governed. As a club member you collectively own the company’s diversified property portfolio and have exclusive access to a choice of vacation residences valued between $1.5 - $2.5 million. The locations include London, Paris, New York, Hawaii, Whistler, Cabo san Lucas, Las Vegas and many others.

The majority of Destination M properties are multi-bedroom dwellings with private pools and entertaining areas ideal for getaways with family or large groups of friends. With a wide range of properties and vacation destinations to choose from, you can return time and again to the places you have fallen in love with, or find a new adventure in a place you’ve never been.

“The opportunity to discover new and exciting places, connect with local experiences, and return each day to the comforts of home, is becoming increasingly appealing to vacation home-owners so that they can see the best the world has to offer,” stated John Beckel, General Manager for Destination M.

“The local flavour of a city is what makes it so special,” said John Beckel. “Our Mbassadors are locals in each of our property locations and they help our members, and their guests, settle into the local lifestyle and set them up to encounter the best escapes and adventures that each destination has to offer, off the regular tourist trail.”