Our downloadable guide, "Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members" is now in it's eighth annual edition. This free, in-depth report explains the features and benefits of destination clubs, reviews the industry's leading destination club companies, and is a valuable tool designed to help prospective members make an educated assessment about joining a club. With the evolution of these companies, including several new destination clubs, as well as new programs and services, the newly updated guide is a must-have for all luxury travelers.

The updated Guide represents hundreds of hours of research and contains information and analysis collected from numerous sources, including club executives and members, club literature, third-party narratives and SherpaReport's own examination and analysis of the industry. The industry overview and detailed descriptions of the five-star amenities and services, are especially beneficial to anyone who is doing some early assessments of destination clubs. Potential members, who are further along in their research, will also appreciate the Guide’s content, including the series of recommended questions to ask a club prior to joining.

Earlier versions of “Destination Clubs: A Guide for Perspective Members” have been downloaded thousands of times, and have received numerous positive comments from readers including:

Phil Pontin stated,

“It was absolutely wonderful, very informative and very useful”

while Jim LaRose said,

"It’s great information. Gave a really good representation and is very thorough”.

By reading the Guide you'll learn about:

  • The characteristics of destination clubs
  • What to consider when reviewing the clubs
  • Comparisons of the leading clubs
  • Comparisons of membership costs
  • Key questions to ask the clubs prior to joining
  • Comparisons to alternatives
  • The home locations of the leading clubs

To access the guide, you'll need to register. Download the guide here.