The most popular article on the Wall Street Journal yesterday was the write up on the amicable split of Tim and Edra Blixseth. One afternoon, over a bottle of wine, they mutually agreed on who got what.

While they split most of their assets they are sharing their three private jets and their business partnership in Yellowstone Club. While the Journal doesn't mention the Yellowstone Club World, the new destination club announced last year, Tim Blixseth is listed on the clubs site as the main owner, and both Tim and Edra are listed as the owners and founders.

Yellowstone Club World will have up to 150 members who pay a sliding scale depending on when they join of from $3m to $10m, with annual dues of about $75,000. The club already has a chateau in France, will have it's own golf course in St Andrews, Scotland and other properties in the Caribbean, Palm Springs and Mexico, plus private yachts and jets.