In addition to enjoying the luxury vacation homes in some of the finest destinations around the world, members of equity destination clubs are able to benefit from a host of additional perks. In this article, we take a look at some of the extra benefits that come with membership in four popular clubs or residence funds.

All these funds or clubs offer concierges who will arrange anything you want on your vacation. For instance, hiring a private chef is a popular option, although at one of the funds the housekeeper/cook is there to make breakfast and either lunch or dinner every day. All the clubs also offer access to additional homes, over and above the ones they own. This provides lots of destinations for their member/investors travel options. For some of the other perks and benefits read the summaries below.

Equity Estates

Equity Estates has a large portfolio of residences, whether your preferred getaway is at the beach, the mountains, or the city. But as well as their own selection of properties and five-star service, Equity Estates has a number of reciprocal agreements in place, allowing members to make use of properties belonging to four additional clubs: Luxus, Rocksure, Auberge Resorts, and The Hideaways Club. These expand members’ travel options to include destinations in much of Europe and Asia. Homes within the Equity Estates portfolio typically offer resort-quality amenities, for example, a spa and expert wine tastings in Napa Valley, priority golf course access in Punta Cana, and more. Equity Estates also offers a two stage concierge service, with both a personal travel concierge and a local host working together to ensure no detail is overlooked. One new perk for members are the Equity Estates Expeditions. This set of exclusive tours covers such once-in-a-lifetime destinations as the Galapagos Islands and luxury safaris in Botswana.

Equity Residences

Equity Residences recently announced a partnership with 3RD Home, one of the world’s largest travel clubs with 3,800 luxury homes. This is in addition to the existing arrangement with Elite Alliance, whose selection of luxury homes are throughout North America, Italy, and Argentina. Meanwhile, the Equity Residences Platinum Fund is building an impressive portfolio of luxury vacation residences, many of which offer extra resort level amenities. For example the Mana Lani property in Hawaii boasts excellent golf courses and beach club, as does the Dominican Republic property in Punta Cana. All the Equity Residences homes are supported with a concierge service.

M Private Residences

M Private Residences has homes in the US, Canada, Mexico, Barbados, London, and Provence. Members gain access to a number of Canada-based perks, including travel consultants, wine merchants, spa facilities, and private clubs. The company also has reciprocal partnerships with two other clubs. In 2015, they partnered with Seekda, which has a curated portfolio of luxury global properties. M Private members may request access to the entire catalog of more than 4,000 homes in 400 locations. The other reciprocal partner is Rocksure Property. The partnership opens up a number of new destinations, especially in Europe.

Rocksure Property

Rocksure allows its members to participate in its inter-fund program, in addition to the afore-mentioned partnerships with M Private Residences and Equity Estates. Through this program, shareholders in one fund can gain access to properties in another fund. They also have access to the Rocksure Collection, a portfolio of additional luxury houses and apartments that can be used instead of using the funds own homes. All Rocksure villas are staffed by a housekeeper and cook, available to prepare two meals a day for guests. Car rental company Avis offers special rates for both Rocksure and M Private members.

There's an overview in the table below:

 Club/Fund   Additional Destinations   Lifestyle Benefits
 Equity Estates The Hideaways Club - featuring homes primarily in Europe - 18 properties in 12 locations
Rocksure Property
Auberge Resorts  
Equity Estates Expeditions - recently added bespoke luxury "once in a lifetime" travel opportunities
JetLinx - discounts on private air travel
MedJetAssist -medical evacuation insurance  
 Equity Residences 3RD Home - one of largest reciprocal travel clubs, whose members own almost 4000 luxury vacation homes
Elite Alliance - exchange service for residence clubs and luxury, professionally-managed vacation homes.  
Luxury resort amenities at each property 
 M Private Residences Rocksure Property - UK based with properties in Europe and worldwide.
Seekda - extensive portfolio of properties in more than 400 destinations.  
The Bow Valley Club - Private, members-only club in Calgary with dining, wellness, and meeting facilities.
Purple Feet - wine merchant.
Willow Park Wines & Spirits.
Diana Witherspoon - luxury lifestyle travel consultant.
VIP Travel - full service agency based in British Columbia.
Avis Car Rental
All About You Spa Group  
 Rocksure Property Inter-fund program - allows shareholders in one fund to use properties in another Rocksure fund.
Rocksure Collection - an additional portfolio of worldwide properties for shareholders to use.
M Private Residences & Equity Estates - North America based with properties in US, Canada, and worldwide.  
On-site housekeeper/cook - all Rocksure villas include the services of a cook who is available to prepare two meals each day.
Avis Car Rental