The luxury vacation club BelleHavens today announced it's next 11 planned locations and also introduced new membership levels and future price increases.

BelleHavens Bahamas Increasing the number of membership tiers or even forming new clubs with different home values is a common trend amongst the clubs. For instance:

These extra tiers provide potential members with a much wider choice. Not everyone will want to take 30 days a year, or they may have other options for some of their vacations as well as their destination club. Having multiple tiers in a club also allows members to move up and down between tiers as their travel requirements change over time.

The next 11 locations that BelleHavens plans to buy homes in are: London, Paris, Italy, Puerto Vallarta/Punta Mita, MX, Costa Rica, Scottsdale, AZ, Southern Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands, Kauai, HI, Lake Tahoe, CA, Summit/Eagle County, CO. The locations are based on member feedback and requests. BelleHavens didn't announce the timetable for acquiring these homes although some of the acquisition efforts are well underway.

BelleHavens also announced its future price increases. With the membership fee due to increase on June 16th, and then will increase again when 3 new homes are made available to members and again when 5 more destinations are made available. The current membership price for the 30 day, "Adventurer" membership is $200,000 which will increase to $225,000 on June 16th.

This is the best place to start to compare BelleHavens to other destination clubs.

Image is BelleHavens, Bahamas home