ViaMari, a yachting destination club has partnered with SeaNet Fractional Yachts. The alignment immediately gives ViaMari club members access to SeaNet vessels and its growing fleet of Sunseeker Yachts.  

Regional Club

The ViaMari Regional Club offers members access to a variety of fully captained and crewed yachts, ranging from between 52’ to 70’. The yachts have spacious, beautifully appointed interiors, state-of-the-art navigation systems and the capacity for overnight excursions. Current locations are San Francisco, Newport Beach, San Diego and Cabo san Lucas in Mexico. The club has plans to expand internationally.

The Team

Members benefit from a team of expert trip coordinators, a concierge and crew for each specific vessel in the fleet. guaranteeing the most enjoyable experience possible.

Coordinators and concierges focus on provisioning the yacht, planning meals and advising members about the various destinations and activities around your preferred region. Highly trained, they focus on ensuring no detail is overlooked, and will design custom itineraries as well.


Memberships start at $79,500 (for 7 days) and go up to $400K+, depending on the amount of time you wish to spend on the sea and the locations you prefer to travel. In addition to the various membership deposits, annual dues are assessed every year and used for upkeep, insurance, management fees, slip fees, cleaning, captains and crew, etc.

The partnership with Seanet means 15 yachts are now available to the members. The yachts and crew are managed by Sunseeker Yacht Management, based in Newport Beach, CA.

If you’re an occasional boater, and get out on the ocean for only a week or two each year then a club like ViaMari may be a good option.