Signature Yacht Shares began offering fractional ownership of yachts in 2007 and is affiliated with the award-wining yacht dealer Galati Yacht Sales, based out of Destin, Florida.

Signature Yacht Shares running shot, Destin

The company was founded by Matt Condon and the Galati brothers for the specific purpose of offering an innovative and cost effective way to own and properly enjoy a yacht. Like other fractional boat providers, the company’s value proposition is to provide a better boating experience at a fraction of the cost of single, whole ownership.

Their fleet of yachts includes a 58’ Viking Motoryacht, 45’ Viking Open SF, 39’ Tiara Convertible, 32’ Proline, 32’ Regulator, and 29’ Regulator. The boats are all based out of Destin, FL, but travel on a scheduled cruising plan to places such as Key West and the Bahamas. Signature provides all the benefits of managed fractional ownership to the shared owners of each of these boats.

Since inception they have been continuously upgrading their fractional offering to include Equity Shares, Lease Shares, and have now expanded to Day Shares. “We discovered that some people prefer to lease, while others prefer to own – so we offer both options on each yacht.” Said Matt Condon the company's President and CEO, “Our Day Shares concept is a truly innovative way to get people out on the water for a day so they can try before they buy. “

“We chose the fractional approach instead of the club membership because we felt that only the fractional model gives owners the pride of ownership similar to owning a yacht by yourself. Our 1/4th, 1/6th, and 1/8th shares provide unlimited shared access to the boat, which is consistent with outright ownership.” continued Matt.

Signature Fractional Yacht Shares Florida

The company provides a turn-key ownership and manages all aspects of the yachting experience including maintenance, repairs, and scheduling. Each of their yachts is outfitted with state-of-the-art electronics and a long list of safety gear including automatic deployable life rafts and satellite tracking devices.

“With fractional, the savings start when you purchase a share and continue throughout the entire boating experience, with cost savings of 75% - 93% as compared to going solo,” said Matt.

Here’s a fuller list of fractional yacht programs, where you can start to compare Signature Yacht Shares to other providers or look for a provider closer to your area.