VistaJet, a global private aviation company, has partnered with leading brands in the wellbeing and longevity space to introduce the VistaJet Wellness program. This new offering aims to transform a private flight from a potentially tiring experience into an energizing one, integrating onboard wellness facilities and services, and offers unique experiences at destinations with a focus on wellbeing.

In response to the preferences of its members and the prevailing global inclination toward greater meaning, longevity and impactful life experiences, VistaJet experts have curated a diverse global wellness portfolio. These offerings are designed to provide each member with a tailored solution aligned with their specific outlook and requirements. Whether it's a performance athlete seeking quicker regeneration, business leaders aiming for enhanced clarity, focus, and relaxation, or families seeking deeper personal and spiritual connections or discovering new ways to live better, VistaJet's program aims to accommodate these varied needs.

Peru with The Luminaire

VistaJet wellbeing and longevity partners include Pelorus, The Luminaire, Abercrombie and Kent, and others, all of whom are offering wellness journeys to their members, and now to VistaJet members as well. These journeys span four continents and over 20 disciplines. Based on the trends seen at the Global Wellness Summit 2023, it was estimated that the wellness market tipped $5.6 trillion this year, and thanks to VistaJets’ global infrastructure and network, VistaJet has curated the following available experiences and dedicated wellness solutions:

Nepal and Bhutan with Pelorus
Pelorus, a travel group that designs luxury travel experiences that transform the human perspective, offers the VistaJet member a 21-day spiritual expedition through the heart of Buddhism, with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp for hiking, and monastery visits with traditional rituals, for a greater understanding of cognitive and affective health.

Sacred Valley, Peru with The Luminaire
The Luminaire is a group whose mission lies in the power of travel to nurture personal growth. Their goal is to identify and build on the interests of their guests through visceral learning. Their journeys work to cultivate a deeper connection with the world. With VistaJet journeys, the members meet with local plant medicine Shaman, absorb the energy of ancient lands, all in the privacy of their rooms, tucked behind the Andean highlands. The goals are to provide greater intellectual growth, and restoration of self.

USA and Mexico with Abercrombie & Kent
Abercrombie & Kent were, arguably, the first - 60-plus years ago - to pioneer the luxury adventure. They are still among world’s luxury-travel leaders, as they offer combinations of exclusive and authentic experiences on all seven continents. For the VistaJet members, the wild is balanced with rejuvenating rituals that reconnect with earth and self, as they experience the soulful energy of U.S.A and Mexico.

Switzerland with Clinique Nescens
At the Nescens Clinic, near Geneva, Switzerland, medicine is at the service of well-being. Clinique Nescens offers consultations, medical assessments (check-ups), and personalized treatments that combine detox, weight loss and revitalization as well as Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine treatments. As regards the VistaJet members, The Swiss Clinique Nescens treatments are exclusively designed as post-flying treatments as well as clinical retreats to rejuvenate both mind and body.

Ibiza with Six Senses Rosebar
The RoseBar longevity programs are highly personalized journeys. Comprehensive diagnostic tests will be interpreted by their team of medical experts. Using epigenetic data and insight, a personalized program is prescribed, incorporating nutritional support, exercise, biohacking recommendations and an introduction to spiritual pathways. More advanced programs will incorporate specific treatments around advanced longevity science. For VistaJet members, a biohacking retreat is offered, dedicated to increasing longevity through promoting greater cellular function and healing. Treatments are tailored to the member’s body needs.

Costa Rica with Auberge Hacienda AltaGracia & The Well
At the Auberge Hacienda AltaGracia, The Well is the wellness/spa component of the Auberge Hacienda AltaGracia, across 180 acres, with over 20,000 square-feet of amenities, the remote wellness escape welcomes guests to reset, rewind and recharge. Surrounded by the Talamanca Mountains, The Well has deep connections to the Earth, called Pachamama. Each treatment, program and experience are an Earth homage, from local healing blue clay rituals to organic fine dining.

Sweden with The Luminaire
The Luminaire again allows those who visit Sweden to an all-natural detox and cold-water therapies, guided by Wim Hof breathing experts, to reboot cells, providing greater performance endurance.

Maldives with Joali Being
On the world’s only wellbeing island, learn the four pillars of Joali being: mind, skin, microbiome, and energy. Joali Being provides a transformative wellness journey. From adventure and relaxation to customized nutrition and interactive learning, Joali Being creates wellbeing experiences tailored to VistaJet member ‘s individual lifestyles and goals.

VistaJet cabin

Flying affects both the body and the mind, and for people who fly a few times a week, the impact of jetlag has a real effect on everyday life and business focus. VistaJet offers members a series of pre, post and in-flight wellness services to help them stay at their best as they reach their destination, including:

Pre-flight — The ability of the VistaJet member to consult with a VistaJet nutritionist on the best foods to eat before and during flight, to pre-order in-flight meals that work and allow for greater wellness, especially for the journey ahead.

In-flight — From ergonomic seating to assist better posture on the Global 7500 aircraft, to lessons in meditation and breathing, to wellness dining menus to rejuvenate, and relax, these are a few of the in-flight dimensions that assist in greater wellness in the air. In addition, there are onboard products from leading wellness brands including Guerlain’s Orchidée Imperial collection. JING teas are also served on board.

Post-flight — After the flight, there are wellness guide options, created by leading physician Dr Jordan Shlain and his team at Private Medical. They provide wellness, exercise, and guidance suggestions for maintaining an optimal wellness in both being and feeling, after flying.

Many larger private aviation companies offer unique experiences to their members and owners, but this is the first collection we have seen with a wellness focus.