This leading jet card innovator recently announced its results for 2012. Overall their growth further confirms the progress we've seen from other major companies in the private aviation sector.

Some of the highlights from Sentient include:

  • 15% Year-over-Year growth in new clients
  • Total clients now in excess of 4,000
  • Over 1,200 25-Hour Jet Cards sold

"These tremendous results validate the Sentient Jet Card value model as it continues to resonate with today's private air travelers," said Andrew Collins, President of Sentient Jet. "It's one thing to be the innovator of the jet card combined with our relentless focus on safety, but it's even more meaningful to see our client base grow beyond our projections. We are pleased by our market share growth. However, we recognize that Sentient's Jet Card model will only continue its success by exceeding expectations one flight and one interaction at a time across the thousands of clients we service."

Sentient Challenger 604

"We are exceptionally pleased with the overall performance of the Sentient Jet Card business, confirming our rationale for acquiring the Company," said Kenneth Ricci, Chairman of Directional Aviation Capital, which purchased Sentient in June of 2012. "Across the board, their business has exceeded even our best case assumptions and equally as important, Sentient is also proving to deliver benefits across our portfolio of innovative, service-focused aviation companies. It fits perfectly with our overall strategy for long-term growth."

Sentient was founded in 1999 and is one of the leading private aviation companies in the country. It is largely credited with inventing the jet card approach to private jet travel and has built a certified network of charter operators. Sentient also formed the industry's first Independent Safety Advisory board which oversees the Operator, Aircraft and Pilot Certification Process.