PlaneSense currently has 25 Pilatus PC-12s in it's fractional aircraft program and according to the New Hampshire Union Leader will increase this to 37 aircraft over the next year. This puts it in the top 6 fractional aircraft programs in the US.

Pilatus PC12 Fleet

The PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership program was founded in 2005 by AlphaFlying. The program uses the fuel-efficient Pilatus PC-12 turboprop, built by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd of Switzerland. It now has the largest PC-12 fleet in the world, and has more experience flying PC-12s than any other fleet manager, according to George Antoniadis, founder and CEO.

Being a turboprop, the PC-12 address's the shorter-distance, regional needs of growing businesses. The fractional aircraft program has a wide range of owners including individuals, entrepreneurs, small-to-midsize companies and larger corporations.

The PC-12, which has executive seating for 6, also has an operating cost less than half that of a typical jet with a similar size cabin. And PlaneSense claims that for 'legs' up to 700 nautical miles, it provides trip times comparable to jets.

The cost of a 1/8th share (90 hours flight time) is $476,000, plus a monthly management fee (MMF) of $6,850 and an occupied hourly flight-time fee (OHF) of $650. An equivalent 1/8th share of a Hawker 400 jet at NetJets is $812,500, plus a MMF of $11,640 and OHF of $1,654.

PlaneSense is based in Manchester NH and serves the Eastern US.

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Image courtesy Martin Berinstein