SherpaReport has just released a brand-new searchable and browsable directory of all the US airports. The online directory includes commercial airports, private airports, and helipads, and is sorted by state. You can use it to find the nearest airport to you or your destination. It is especially useful if you're flying privately and can access the thousands of airports that commercial flights do not serve.

By clicking into each state, you can see a map with all of the airports, as well as a listing and details of each specific airport in the state. For instance the map for Massachusets is below, and you can zoom in to see the detail.

airportsinmaEach airport listing includes the address and a map, the services available, such as aircraft based at the airport, and airport activity (e.g., military operations, air taxi operations).


At both the state level and at the airport level, it's easy to see nearby or alternate airports. On each state page you can zoom in or out of the map to see other airports - potentially giving ideas to get closer to a destination (or save landing fees at a smaller airport). On each aiport page there's a list of the nearby airports. The Private Airports directory includes information on over 5,800 airports in all 50 states, as well as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, DC, Midway Atoll, Guam, and American Samoa. Here's a breakdown by state:

State Airport Count
Alaska Airports 449
Alabama Airports 122
Arkansas Airports 103
American Samoa Airports 3
Arizona Airports 86
California Airports 299
Colorado Airports 80
N. Mariana Islands Airports 5
Connecticut Airports 26
 Dist. Of Columbia Airports 8
Delaware Airports 12
Florida Airports 161
Georgia Airports 115
 Guam Airports  2
 Hawaii Airports  20
Iowa Airports 128
Idaho Airports 124
Illinois Airports 125
Indiana Airports 124
Kansas Airports 140
Kentucky Airports 69
Louisiana Airports 98
Massachusetts Airports 45
Maryland Airports 50
Maine Airports 75
Michigan Airports 243
Minnesota Airports 171
Missouri Airports 130
Midway Atoll Airports 1
Mississippi Airports 87
Montana Airports 130
North Carolina Airports 138
North Dakota Airports 91
Nebraska Airports 86
New Hampshire Airports 34
New Jersey Airports 47
New Mexico Airports 67
Nevada Airports 53
New York Airports 146
Ohio Airports 189
Oklahoma Airports 145
Oregon Airports 105
Pennsylvania Airports 194
Puerto Rico Airports 12
Rhode Island Airports 8
South Carolina Airports 72
South Dakota Airports 73
Tennessee Airports 107
Texas Airports 455
Utah Airports 48
Virginia Airports 93
Virgin Islands Airports 2
Vermont Airports 21
Washington Airports 151
Wisconsin Airports 155
Wake Islands Airports 1
West Virginia Airports 38
Wyoming Airports 44