The largest private aviation company is restarting sales of its 25-hour jet card. But new sales are limited to existing owners.

NetJets had paused jet card sales in August 2021 due to “today’s unprecedented flight demand.” At that time it started a waitlist for potential jet card customers to join. It was initially expecting to restart card sales earlier this year but in May said it was pausing sales for the rest of the year and then, as somewhat of an alternative, it started to offer a new 25-hour a year lease program, with a minimum 3-year term.

On the NetJets website, the company says “The Card Program is an important part of our business; however, to preserve the level of service our Owners deserve, the Card Program is limited to existing Owners for the remainder of 2022.”

As with the 25-hour lease program, the reintroduced jet card has 45 no fly days, when the card cannot be used, and 45 peak period days. This is quite a change from pre-covid days when there were no blackout days on the card. The notice period for obtaining a plane is 48 hours, which has also increased from pre-covid days. Other card providers have also changed their terms over the last 18 months, increasing callout times, and increasing the number of peak period days – reflecting the increased demand across private aviation.

With NetJets reintroducing their jet cards, albeit on a limited basis just to existing owners, it does suggest that the the rapid increase in demand for private aviation is slowing down.