While private jets provide much more flexibility for travelers than flying commercial, sometimes that still isn't flexible enough. Travelers flying in the Boston to Washington DC corridor, who need the flexibility of landing on a heliport or private landing spot may consider a helicopter charter, fractional ownership, or flight card from Associated Aircraft Group (AAG). AAG, which has been in business for over 20 years, started offering fractional helicopters in 1999. They have nine Sikorsky S-76 six- and seven-passenger cabin helicopters, that can be booked 24/7, 365 days per year. 

Sikorsky S 76 helicopter

Many AAG owners find a fractional helicopter ownership to be a useful supplement to a fixed-wing fractional or private ownership. These owners appreciate the flexibility in landing options which the helicopters offer. AAG offers fractional ownership through their Sikorsky Shares division. Fractional owners get aircraft, fuel, maintenance, scheduling, and dispatching, along with guaranteed availability. The smallest share offered is 1/16th, which provides owners with 75 units to use per year. The units are a measurement standard that AAG uses for defining areas around NYC. For instance, a trip from NYC to TEB uses 1 unit because both destinations are in their defined Zone 1. If one wanted to fly from NYC (Zone 1) to Washington, DC (Zone 6) then that trip would cost 6 units. Unit usage costs $1,125 each unit and the monthly fee on the share is $13,500. Acquisition cost ranges from $350k to $500k per 1/16th. Other share sizes are available in 1/16th increments.

S 76 helicopter interior

For those travelers who don't need the hours a fractional ownership provides, a flight card is a good option. AAG offers the Excalibur card, which is a step between charter and fractional ownerships. The Excalibur card guarantees availability, with no capital investment. The minimum purchase is 40 units ($144,000). Additional units are available in increments of 5 units ($18k each).  Charters through AAG are also available.

The 450 mile range of the S 76 does limit the AAG service area the Northeast US, but it's definitely an option worth considering for business and leisure travelers in this region.