If you are looking to assess the various private jet options, SherpaReport's fully updated "Guide to Private Aviation" is now available. The updates include the latest trends, prices, and products offered in private aviation. Now in its fourth year, the "Guide to Private Aviation" is a free downloadable guide that provides valuable information for anyone considering and assessing fractional ownership, jet cards or aircraft charter.

Topics include:

  • the benefits of private aviation over commercial airlines, including time savings, convenience, privacy and flexibility;

  • an apples-to-apples comparison chart listing the various types of private aircraft available;

  • how to choose the aircraft that best suits your needs including space and aircraft range factors; also included is an aircraft selection checklist that provides additional attributes to consider;

  • types of private aviation programs including detailed descriptions, benefits and considerations of fractional ownership programs, fractional jet cards, jet charter cards and on-demand aircraft charter;

  • an explanation of private aviation programs' primary service areas and peak travel days;

  • sample pricing information regarding each type of program;

  • factors to consider in regard to each operator's aircraft, safety record, pilots, experience and service level;

  • features to consider when choosing the program that best suits your leisure and/or business travel needs;

  • a chart comparing advantages, purchase increments and time commitments of whole aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, jet cards and on-demand charter;

  • a glossary of terms and a description of legal documents are also included.

Reaction from the thousands of readers of previous years editions has been very positive. Some of the feedback has including the following:

"I’ve got several pilot friends that I talked to, but your report really summed it all up well, it was very helpful. " noted John Mclaughlin
"I have been chartering for the last two years and want to see if there is a better way. Your Guide was very helpful." commented Dean Clausen
"This was really useful. I wish I’d of had this Guide 5 years ago when I bought my first fraction" said Terry Growcock

To download the "Guide to Private Aviation", click here.